Civil society or civil war: charities in conflict

Are we entering an era of charity civil wars?

Many believe so. Just this month a statutory inquiry opened amid a trustee dispute that’s “having a detrimental impact on the charity’s governance and administration”.

These are not just cat-fights – internal disputes can have a seriously damaging impact on charities and the people they serve and work with.

Our expert panel includes perspectives from a charity CEO, a communications adviser, a mediator, chair and trustees, as well as the head of legal charity services from the Charity Commission. They will look into:

  • the rise in disputes and, importantly, what can be done to minimise and manage them
  • how can your charity prevent disputes from escalating?
  • how can a serious dispute be resolved? and
  • how do you safeguard your charity’s reputation in the face of ever-increasing media scrutiny?

Our experienced panel will be sharing their perspectives, knowledge and experience to help you navigate an increasingly contentious environment.

We hope that you can join us for what we hope will be an informative (and conflict free) evening.

Time & Location

The Goldsmiths' Centre, 44 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5AD
11:09 am - 8:00 pm


Carla Whalen, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team,

Carla Whalen

Partner, Charity law & not for profit
Pippa Garland (1)

Pippa Garland

Partner, Charity law & not for profit

Eva Abeles

Head of legal charity services, Charity Commission

Catherine Brown

Board member, chair, coach and mediator, Enforcement Conduct Board

Gavin Megaw

President and Managing Director, Hanover Group

Bola Oginni

Coach and mediator
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