COVID19 How will the Covid-19 crisis affect international relocation of children? OnlyMums

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Times of crisis bring out the best and the worst in us. Family relationships are no exception. Some will feel unified but, for others, the prevailing uncertainty will mean separating and separated families are under increased strain, particularly when dealing with arrangements for their children.

For many the current crisis is a wake-up call: people are taking stock. Priorities and plans are changing for "when this is all over". Thoughts turn to what that "new" future may look like, where it will be and with whom.

The law says that if a parent wishes to move abroad with their child, then the other parent must agree to the relocation, failing which the court’s permission must be sought. At the best of times these are difficult and emotionally charged cases as by their nature there is usually a stark binary outcome: one parent goes with the child; the other stays behind.

Fiona Forsyth writes for OnlyMums about the effects of the global pandemic on the international relocation of children and international families.

COVID19: How will the Covid-19 crisis affect international relocation of children? is free to read on the OnlyMums website. 

Fiona Forsyth is a senior associate in the family team. 

Since 2005 she has exclusively practised family law. Fiona advises on all aspects of private family law with particular expertise in resolving financial and children issues following relationship breakdown, often involving an international element.

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