Debt Respite Scheme Breathing Space: fair to all? - Solicitors Journal

Jonathan Gorman, Associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, restructuring and insolvency team.
Jonathan Gorman
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At first glance, the introduction of the ‘Breathing Space’ process, which provides protection to individual debtors from enforcement action by their creditors, may appear to have limited impact. However, the lack of financial limit on the size of debts covered and the wide range of the type of debts covered suggests the process could have wider significance. 

Russell-Cooke's restructuring and insolvency team assess in Solicitors Journal the challenges of the Breathing Space process for creditors.

Debt Respite Scheme Breathing Space: fair to all? is available to read on the Solicitors Journal website. Also a pdf version of the article can be found here

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