Promoting ethical purchasing decisions - Construction Law

Mark Fletcher, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, dispute resolution team.
Mark Fletcher
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Buyers make their own assessments of whether and how a purchase will promote their commercial self-interest. The easiest factors to objectively measure tend to be timing and price. However, the buyer's own assessment of quality will play a key role.

Buyers may also use their purchasing decisions to promote values they regard as particularly important. 

Construction is at the forefront of a procurement revolution that will enforce proper attention being given to the ethical sourcing of materials and services. Russell-Cooke partner Mark Fletcher notes in Construction Law that the ability of employers to enforce their values is still constrained by legal and commercial considerations.

"Promoting ethical purchasing decisions" is available to read in the August/September issue of Construction Law. 

Mark is a partner in the commercial litigation team.

Mark advises on a broad range of disputes involving individuals, charities and businesses across a large number of business sectors, including construction, property development, IT, sports, events, hospitality, retail, medical and other legal professionals.

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