Russell-Cooke renews commitment to carbon neutrality for a third year

Pippa Garland (1)
Pippa Garland
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The firm consulted partners and employees to decide the proportion in which it would buy credits in four projects proposed by Carbon Footprint Limited.

Carbon Footprint Limited is an environmental and carbon management company connecting businesses and not-for-profit organisations with carbon offsetting projects around the world.

The funds will be allocated according to the percentage of votes given to the top three projects.

This year’s top projects are wind, solar and hydro power projects, each based in India.

Partner Pippa Garland, Chair of the Environmental Committee said:

Crucial to operating as an ethical business is recognising the climate emergency and aiming to be part of the solution in transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Our partnership with Carbon Footprint allows us to achieve carbon neutrality. We all know that carbon offsetting is not the whole answer, but for us, right now, it is part of the answer. Our new strategic plan makes climate change central to our decision-making. We continue to investigate new ways in which we can minimise our impact on the environment both as a business and as a collection of individuals.”

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