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The ‘overseas relationships’ that are considered tantamount to marriage in England—Thought Leaders 4

Maria Airey
Maria Airey
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Family associate Maria Airey has authored an article in Thought Leaders 4 discussing the evolving legal implications of partnerships and unions for couples in international contexts. 

With a focus on the French Pacte Civil de Solidarité (PACS) and English Civil Partnership laws, the article outlines the formation, dissolution, legal rights, and recognition of such relationships across different jurisdictions. Maria stresses the importance of understanding the potential financial implications of these regimes as formalising a relationship overseas may be tantamount to marriage in another country. 

“While both aim to provide legal recognition and protection for couples, there are distinct differences between the two systems that individuals should consider. The effect under English law goes well beyond the rights that a couple with a PACS would have under French law. The rights and obligations imposed under English civil partnership laws puts civil partners in the same position as married couples.”

The full article can be viewed online on Thought Leaders 4. 

Maria Airey is an associate in the family and children team, specialising in all aspects of private family law including divorce, financial disputes, pre and post nuptial agreements and children matters.

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