Can we 'square the circle'? Eva Akins on SEN children and their safe return to education

Eva Akins, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, education law team.
Eva Akins
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To some parents, the process of sending their child back to school is fraught with anxiety. When the child is schooled in a system that simply was not built with their specific needs in mind, education can feel like trying to 'hammer a square peg into a round hole'. 

Not only is this hard work, there is a real risk that the peg could be destroyed in the process. 

Eva Akins addresses parents in this brief video on how we can help 'square the circle' and bring their SEN child back to school safely.

Eva is a partner and head of education law in the children and education team.

As a result of Eva's advice and representation, children and young people receive education provision and placements that enable them to thrive and reach their potential. With her support parents are empowered to overcome challenges they face navigating the education system through her solution focused and where necessary robust approach to problem solving.

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