Covid-19 restrictions on commercial rent arrears recovery

Ed Cracknell, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, property litigation team.
Ed Cracknell
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Since the lockdown started, tenant businesses – particularly those in the retail and hospitality/leisure sectors - have suffered greatly. Landlord businesses equally may rely upon rental income for their own survival and may have obligations to finance providers, so have been seeking to rely upon their rent recovery remedies. The Government has responded by restricting several of those remedies, and the provisions have changed during the coronavirus emergency period. In this short webinar, Ed Cracknell summarises the current position as at 1 July 2020.

Commercial property - rent recovery options during the coronavirus pandemic

To accompany our webinar we have produced a simple table summarising the options for landlords seeking to recover arrears from commercial tenants, and how those options have been temporarily restricted.

This table is correct as at 9 July 2020.

Rent Recovery Options During The Coronavirus Crisis Table

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