Our charity solicitors are proud to help people create change in the world. There can be a lot to consider when setting up a new charity and we can support you through every step of the process.

Any prospective charity founder will need to consider:

  • why a charity? There are pros (generally tax and business rates relief) and cons (generally enhanced regulation)
  • which legal structure? The most common options are a trust, charitable incorporated organisation, company limited by guarantee or unincorporated association.
  • who will the first trustees be? You will need at least three trustees. They should all understand what their duties will be as charity trustees.
  • what will the charity’s governing document look like? Key points to consider include the charity’s objects, whether the charity will have a wider membership and how decisions will be made.
  • what activities will the charity carry out? It is important to have a plan covering what the charity will be doing from day one. You will need to provide information on your activities to the Charity Commission when you apply for charitable status.

We have advised on the establishment of hundreds of charities and we are used to working with the Charity Commission. Some charities we have established include the World Dementia Council, Vision UK and Partnership Support Group.

Client quotes

  • We could not believe that it took just five days for them to secure registration of the charity with the Charity Commission. We would highly recommend Russell-Cooke.” Founders of Save the Life International

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