Environmental commitment

We are doing our part

Environmentally and socially responsible

We have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate

Restoring our environment

Committed to cleaning up our world

At Russell-Cooke we appreciate that our offices and our people have an impact on our local areas, on London and on the planet
As a large business, we have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate.


As part of our 2019-2022 strategic plan "to improve the environmental sustainability of the firm and take significant steps towards carbon neutrality,” we achieved our objective by offsetting our 2020 emissions. We have so far offset 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, click here to read more.


We continue our commitment to carbon neutrality by pledging to become a sustainable business with the second year of offsetting. Read our latest press release Russell-Cooke renews commitment to carbon neutrality


offer annual season ticket loans and operate a cycle to work scheme
sponsor development projects around the world through Carbonfootprint.com
enable staff to offset their own emissions via Carbonfootprint.com through our remuneration systems
Putney office solar panels generate 26,000 kWh of electricity per annum which is pushed into the national grid
over their 20 year lifespan they will save over 388 tonnes of CO2
smart technology operates shutdowns for when technology is not in use
installed beehives on the roof of our Putney office
maintain two thriving hives of Buckfast bees
annually produce honey for staff and clients
our suppliers are committed to using fair trade produce where possible
our paper comes from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and is FSC certified
we have ceased buying bottled water and now provide plumbed-in water for clients and staff
re-using, donating and/or recycling
old computers/IT equipment
paper, cardboard and food

We offset 100% of our estimated carbon emissions by investing in sustainable projects in 2020 and 2021

All electricity across all three of our offices is now supplied on renewable or carbon neutral tariffs

Solar panels on the roof of our Putney office feed 26,000 kWh per annum back into the National Grid

We provide electric power points in the car park in our largest (Putney) office

We offer all our people the facility to offset their own (and their family’s) carbon emissions through payroll

We recently rolled out our paperless policy to ensure our offices become completely paperless

Smart technology operates shutdowns in all offices for when tech is not in use

We provide a service whereby employees can bring in their old items of technology and we will recycle it for them

We maintain two thriving hives of Buckfast bees on the roof of our office and have planted bee and pollinator-friendly flower beds

Where we have to use paper, it is from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and is FSC certified

As members of Cyclescheme we offer a salary sacrifice scheme for our people to buy bikes and equipment at favourable rates as part of the Government's ‘Cycle to Work’ Initiative

We provide recycling services in all our offices for recycling all metal, paper, cardboard, food, glass, batteries and even face masks