We therefore commit to carrying out our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

We do this by minimising our impact on the environment through an awareness of the resources we use, the waste we produce and the carbon emissions for which we are responsible. We also seek to proactively contribute to sustaining our natural resources where we can.

1.    We aim to procure and use sustainable or recycled resources.

  • paper – all of our paper comes from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and is FSC certified
  • water – the firm has ceased buying bottled water and now provides plumbed-in water for clients and staff
  • electricity – solar panels on the roof generate over 40kW of electricity which is pushed into the national grid.  It is estimated that over the 20 year lifespan of the solar panels, they will save over 388 tonnes of CO2. Smart technology operates shutdowns for when the technology is not in use, from computers to lighting systems
  • food and drink – the suppliers we use are committed to using fair trade produce where possible

2.    We aim to reduce the waste we produce by re-using, donating and/or recycling the majority of our waste, including:

  • old computers and other IT equipment
  • paper and cardboard
  • food waste

3.    We aim to minimise carbon emissions arising from travel to work and within work

  • we minimise travel between offices and to clients by using conference calls and video calls where possible.
  • we encourage the use of sustainable forms of transport, for example by offering annual season ticket loans and operating a cycle to work scheme.
  • we offset the firm's carbon emissions by sponsoring development projects around the world through Carbonfootprint.com.
  • we enable all members of staff to voluntarily offset their own (and even their family's) emissions via Carbonfootprint.com through our remuneration systems.

4.    We seek to help sustain the bee population of London. Some years ago we installed beehives on the roof of our Putney office. We still maintain two thriving hives of Buckfast bees and annually produce honey which we supply to staff and clients.