Grenfell survivor who carried toddler son out of blazing tower says 'little has changed' since disaster - My London

Graham French
Graham French
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"Words without actions do not do anything," says Grenfell Tower survivor Joseph John who is calling for action to prevent a similar disaster happening again.

A group of the bereaved and survivors and their lawyers have taken the step of writing to the Grenfell Inquiry urging it to take a more robust position to push for key safety measures it recommended last October to be implemented.

In a letter to the Inquiry their lawyers asked it to use its "position to influence" the speed that its key safety recommendations happen.

They want swifter action to remove unsafe cladding on London's buildings - or for them to be shut and residents rehoused.

By this date 149 buildings had been fully fixed, leaving 307 which had yet to be worked on, with work having not yet begun at all on 167 of these.

Russell-Cooke consultant Graham French comments in My London on the current state of the Inquiry and what it needs to succeed.

Grenfell survivor who carried toddler son out of blazing tower says 'little has changed' since disaster is available to read on the My London website.

Graham is a consultant in the property and housing litigation team, specialising in residential and commercial property disputeslandlord & tenant, housing, public law and related contractual disputes.

He covers all aspects of property and housing litigation including possession, forfeiture, breach of covenant, disrepair, trespass, rights of way, rent issues and financial disputes. He acts for landlords, tenants and tenant’s organisations. He undertakes advisory work for housing associations, co-operatives, tenant management organisations and other public and voluntary sector bodies. He is also leading the team advising and representing some of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

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