How can I resolve a boundary dispute with my neighbour? - the Sunday Times

Ed Cracknell, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, property litigation team.
Ed Cracknell
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"Boundary disputes are complicated, expensive and stressful. And yet they are frequent. A judge in a recent case said, “It is quite beyond my comprehension to see how an encroachment such as this would warrant the substantial costs [that] had been incurred by the parties, who, at one stage, were very good friends, to litigate this dispute. ""

Boundary disputes can be expensive but there are alternative ways to resolve them. Partner Ed Cracknell answers a reader’s question in the Sunday Times.

He highlights the importance of considering alternative dispute resolution when you find yourself in a boundary dispute with a neighbour, as the costs associated with litigation in these cases are often in the tens of thousands of pounds. 

The full article is available to read online in the Sunday Times.

Ed is a partner in the real estate group. He specialises in all aspects of property dispute resolution. His areas of expertise include landlord and tenant disputes, business lease renewals, rent and service charge recovery, possession proceedings, and dilapidations claims.

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