Jannine Gennaris runs the London Marathon for Ovarian Cancer Action

Jannine Gennaris, Associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, employment law team.
Jannine Gennaris
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In less than two weeks I am running the London Marathon for Ovarian Cancer Action in memory of my best friend Melisa who passed away from ovarian cancer in April last year at the age of 29. I’ve set up a fundraising page below and would very grateful for any donations you are able to make in support of this incredible charity and the work they do for women and families affected by ovarian cancer.

I started running about seven years ago and have been running consistently (due to the pandemic) for about three years now. Having done only a few actual races (a 10km Race for Life and the Kingston Half Marathon in 2021), running a marathon had been something I had only really dreamed about doing but never really gave that much serious thought to! However, after Mel passed away last year, running became my comfort and my therapy and got me up and out in nature in those incredibly hard first few months of grief.

So when I was offered a place for Ovarian Cancer Action last August, I was incredibly excited (and scared) but mostly grateful to be running for such an incredible cause.

With the help of my running coach, Imogen Mackie, my marathon training commenced in late November last year starting with nice easy 5-6kms, with the kilometres gradually increasing week by week. My training runs each week consist of a long run on a Sunday (with my longest being 31km), an easy paced 5km and then a 10-12km intervals run.

I’ve also been doing some cross-training on the spin bike, which is nice way to ease off those heavy legs after the long Sunday run. I’ve also really enjoyed incorporating strength and conditioning into my training and I understand now just how important it is to us runners especially as we clock up the miles in training for something like a marathon. Whether it’s pilates, bodyweight exercises or with weights, incorporating some form of strength training (and in particular unilateral exercises, i.e. single leg work) into my day to day routine has been a game changer and has been key in preventing injury and aiding recovery.

Despite a setback in February due to a lower-back issue which saw me out of the (running) game for just over three weeks and some horrid blisters along the way, I’m so excited for the big day. 'Maranoia' has definitely set in and I’m looking forward to the post-marathon freedom of being able to run, hop and leap from my chair without fear of injury!

Wish me luck!

Please join us in supporting Jannine here.

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