What lies ahead for the charity legal sector, Russell-Cooke videos 2024

Spring into 2024: A discussion on what lies ahead for the charity legal sector

Carla Whalen, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team,
Carla Whalen
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Our panel of charity lawyers and guest speaker, James Banks of London Funders, provide insights into current trends, legal and regulatory developments affecting the charity sector and discuss what lies ahead. 

This seminar covers: 

  • recent and forthcoming changes to charity law and regulation
  • the funding landscape and regulation of fundraising
  • developments in data protection and employment law
  • property law and a market overview
  • campaigning and the general election

Key sections

00:04 – Introduction
01:32 – Ongoing pressure on charities
03:23 – Rapid technological change
05:17 – Charity Commission developments
09:58 – Charities Act 2022
12:55 – General Election
16:52 – Some developments to look out for in 2024
21:22 – About London Funders
22:07 – What we know about funding and how the picture is changing 
22:20 – Funding: How did it look in the last year?
22:54 – How would you describe your geographical area of interest?
23:20 – Interest in addressing “cold spots” in funding
24:52 – Increased spending in recent years, but headwinds on the horizon
26:00 – Increasing interest in the impact of the climate crisis and a prioritisation of equity and justice
26:37 – Moves towards grants over longer periods
27:24 – Increasing levels of community participation in how decisions on grants are made
27:58 – Increased trust
29:39 – Increased appetite for collaboration
35:48 – Data protection
41:41 – ICO guidance
42:36 – ICO updates and consultations
43:45 – People 
49:50 – Property law
55:55 – Market overview

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