“A good reputation is more valuable than money."

The past year has emphasised the fast changing society that we all, from individual through to multinational corporate organisations, inhabit and how hard earned reputations can be damaged through the spread of misinformation or others seeking to exploit perceived weaknesses about you or your business.

Russell-Cooke's specialist team has decades of combined experience in providing advice and assistance in protecting the reputations of high profile individuals, private families and corporate entities to assist with providing the implementation of project based solutions through to the effective management of crisis issues, whatever the matter at hand.

We understand the issues that arise in these circumstances and work closely with both our network of PR and associated specialist teams within the firm to ensure our client's needs are met not simply for a 'quick fix' but to assist in ensuring the matters at hand are truly remedied and that there is ongoing assistance where required.

We have assisted in matters including:


Providing representations to the Financial Conduct Authority in connection with Fitness to Practice proceedings and regulatory references pertaining to allegations of misconduct and sexual misconduct by regulated individuals

Defending an individual in Protection from Harassment Act 1997 claims made by an ex-partner

Providing ongoing advice for high net worth and high profile individuals in various matters including:

  • managing media issues and 'sting' reporting
  • privacy issues
  • police and other statutory investigations
  • extortion/blackmail/bribery

Providing advice for claimant and defendant in Defamation claims

Providing advice for claimant and defendant in Nuisance proceedings

Protecting clients reputation by 'take down' actions in relation to articles/stories on the internet and/or social media

Representing professional individuals from Members of Parliament, the medical profession, through to international sports men and women and financial professionals in relation to reputation management issues

Commercial Organisations:

Providing reputational advice to national and international media organisations on a range of matters

Providing reputational advice in conjunction with regulatory frameworks of various organisations

Working on civil and criminal jurisdiction claimant and private prosecution projects to protect commercial reputational issues such as Intellectual Property Rights as well as general reputational issues

Setting up processes and procedures to protect employees from harassment in line with Protection from Harassment Act 1997 statutory guidelines

Advising Premier League football clubs and other national sports organisations as to various ongoing reputational issues

Advising corporations and not for profit organisations as claimant and defendant on reputational issues arising from Bribery Act 2010 offences