Mr Darnley had attended Mayday A&E department having been struck on the head in an assault, and asked to be seen urgently. He was incorrectly told by the A&E receptionist that he would have to wait for up to 4 to 5 hours.

He waited for 19 minutes and then left to go home to bed, where he collapsed due to the effects of an extra-dural haematoma caused in the assault. 

Deborah Blythe, partner and head of the clinical negligence and personal injury team, has acted for Mr Darnley in the Supreme Court. The case is still ongoing.

Clinical negligence: do clerical staff bear responsibility? is available to read on the OnMedica website via subscription. 

Deborah specialises in complex and high value claims and has particular expertise and interest in cases relating to birth related brain injury in babies, the treatment and diagnosis of many types of cancer particularly breast cancer, and dental claims.