Emma Nightingale, Trainee in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, restructuring and insolvency team.

Emma Nightingale's transition from paralegal in family law to trainee in restructuring and insolvency

Emma Nightingale, Trainee in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, restructuring and insolvency team.
Emma Nightingale
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First-seat trainee Emma Nightingale dives into her first few weeks in restructuring and insolvency at Russell-Cooke, sharing her insights into the range of tasks she has worked on and the collaborative dynamics of different practice areas within the firm.

Settling in to restructuring and insolvency 

“Blink and you'll miss it” has been a recurring statement from many senior lawyers since starting my training contract.  From the first day meeting my fellow trainees in the restructuring and insolvency team to writing this article three weeks later, I know they definitely meant it! 

Having worked as a paralegal in family law for three years prior, I was excited to begin my training contract and see what different areas of law have to offer. I haven’t been disappointed in restructuring and insolvency law. I have been warmly welcomed into a team that is ready to impart all of their knowledge and experience to make sure I receive the best possible training.  

Undertaking tasks

Already, I have undertaken a variety of work including drafting a brief to counsel for a hearing, preparing a statutory demand and researching the possibility of recovering assets outside the jurisdiction (as well as spending more time on hold to the court than I wish to admit). 

I have also competed in my first (and most likely, last) table football tournament as part of a networking event, attended ‘SOFA’ drinks (which is an event for people who work in insolvency and not a furniture-based activity, despite what the name might suggest), and met so many new and interesting individuals. 

Collaboration within the firm

One of the most useful insights as a new trainee has been seeing and understanding how different departments in the firm collaborate with one another to provide the most comprehensive and considered advice. Every day is a learning opportunity as a trainee and I have expanded my knowledge more than I could have imagined in just three weeks.  

Speaking to my fellow trainees has also confirmed that no two trainee experiences are the same and, needless to say, I am excited to see what the weeks ahead have in store! 

Applications for the 2026 Russell-Cooke graduate training contract are open from 16 November 2023 until 16 February 2024. 

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