Brexit for charities: cross-border data transfers

Carla Whalen, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team,
Carla Whalen
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UK charities and social businesses need to make sure they’re prepared for changes to data protection law after the Brexit transition period comes to an end on 31 December 2020.

It’s not just charities with offices or branches in the EU that need to get ready, charities that share personal data outside the UK and/or that offer services to people in the EU will also be affected.

In this, the second in the "Charities and Brexit – data protection compliance from 1 January 2021" series, senior associate Carla Whalen explains what charities need to do to ensure they can continue sharing personal data with organisations or individuals in countries outside the UK after 31 December.

Key points: 

  • Rules on transferring personal data from UK to other countries (including EU member states) – effectively unchanged
  • Rules on transferring personal data to UK from other countries (including EU member states) – additional safeguards may be required, unless an exemption applies
  • Action – audit transfers of personal data in to and out from your charity and identify whether additional safeguards will be needed from 1 January 2021.

Not sure where to start? Our specialist charity data protection team offers data protection support tailored to your organisation for a fixed monthly fee (min. 12 months’ subscription). You can find more information here.

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