Russell-Cooke appointed to the Charity Commission panel of Interim Managers

Pippa Garland (1) Simon Jerrum (1) Sukanya Ransford, Legal director in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team.
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Pippa Garland, Simon Jerrum, Sukanya Ransford

Russell-Cooke is pleased to announce that Pippa Garland, Sukanya Ransford, and Simon Jerrum have been appointed to the Charity Commission’s panel of Interim Managers.

This appointment recognises Russell-Cooke’s expertise across a wide variety of practice areas and our commitment to ensuring the effective governance and management of charitable organisations.

Appointment of Interim Managers

Interim Managers are appointed to charities under statutory inquiry in circumstances where the Charity Commission has serious concerns about a charity’s governance or financial health. 

Each charity subject to a statutory inquiry will pose unique challenges. Generally, where appointed, the Interim Managers’ role will be to protect a charity’s assets and reputation by detecting, preventing, disrupting, and resolving misconduct or mismanagement and recovering funds, to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and to restore effective governance.

Supporting charities in difficulty

Pippa Garland and Sukanya Ransford, partner and legal director respectively in the charity and not for profit law team, and head of restructuring and insolvency Simon Jerrum, were appointed following a rigorous assessment process that examined both their individual legal expertise and the support offered by the whole firm. In particular, their experience in charity law and governance, dispute resolution resolution (particularly in relation to charities with a wider voting membership), and asset recovery, and insolvency and restructuring will prove valuable to charities facing regulatory difficulty.

Pippa Garland, partner in the charity and social business team, said:

The appointment is testament to Russell-Cooke’s breadth of expertise and reflects that we are equipped with the skills and understanding necessary to navigate complex regulatory environments. It aligns with our values and wish to uphold public trust and confidence in charities, and promote the highest standards of governance in the charity sector.”
Pippa Garland (1)
Pippa Garland • Partner

Pippa Garland is a partner in the charity law and not for profit team advising charities on governance, fundraising and trading, with particular expertise in philanthropy, and Sukanya Ransford is a legal director in the same team specialising in governance matters for charities. Simon Jerrum heads the restructuring and insolvency team and advises charity trustees facing financial difficulty as part of his broad caseload. 

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