Lawyers Brooke Clark and Nick Manning.

Pride month: navigating practice as junior LGBTQIA+ lawyers

Brooke Clarke, Trainee in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team. Nick Manning
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Brooke Clark, Nicholas Manning

For Pride month, associates Brooke Clark and Nick Manning have joined forces to share their experiences as LGBTQIA+ lawyers at Russell-Cooke.

Entering the legal profession as a junior lawyer is both challenging and rewarding, and for those who identify as LGBTQIA+, there are additional layers of complexity.  We can distil our experience during our time at Russell-Cooke in four succinct points:

1.    embracing our identity in the firm

While the legal profession has a somewhat traditional reputation, there has been increasing emphasis across the sector of the value of diversity and inclusion.  Being open about your identity can help foster an inclusive and welcoming environment and while daunting, may encourage others to do the same.  As a junior lawyer, it is encouraging to see senior open colleagues and mentors. 

2.    an inclusive workplace environment

With colleagues that are supportive, allies that offer mentorship and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) network, Russell-Cooke has provided us with an inclusive workplace to begin our careers as junior lawyers.  

3.    building professional networks 

Building a professional network can open doors to new opportunities and provide support throughout your career.  As LGBTQIA+ lawyers, we have found that networking and mentorship can be particularly beneficial.  We often attend internal and external events and are able to connect with peers, mentors and potential clients.  This Pride month we have been particularly active and it has been invaluable connecting with juniors across the sector who share similar experiences. 

4.    leveraging our unique perspective

As an LGBTQIA+ lawyer, your perspective can be invaluable in the legal sector. This industry involves diverse clients and stakeholders, and your background can enhance your ability to advocate for inclusive practices and understand diverse client needs.  Your personal experiences can help you relate to clients from various backgrounds, fostering trust and providing more tailored legal advice.

Embracing our identity in the legal profession, particularly within an inclusive workplace like Russell-Cooke, has been invaluable as we progress our careers in the legal sector.
Brooke Clarke and Nicholas Manning • Associates • Russell-Cooke

Building professional networks and engaging in mentorship provide invaluable support and opportunities, especially during events like Pride Month. Leveraging your unique perspective as an LGBTQIA+ lawyer enhances your ability to understand diverse client needs and advocate for inclusive practices, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and diverse legal sector.

Sarah Richardson, lead partner of the ED&I group of which Brooke and Nicholas are both members, commented:

I am delighted that Brooke and Nick wanted to share their experiences. Long may we continue to support and celebrate diversity here at Russell-Cooke
Sarah Richardson, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, family and children team.
Sarah Richardson • Partner

Brooke and Nicholas are associates in the real estate, planning and construction team .

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