Landlords must allow their tenants to have quiet enjoyment and use of the property during the duration of their tenancy. They are not allowed to evict you before the end of the tenancy, enter the house without your permission or unlawfully damage your property.

There are laws to protect you if you have been subject to any of the above or abuse or harassment by your landlord or he has illegally locked you out of your property and you need assistance to get back in. We can assist you to obtain an injunction from the courts to prevent any further unlawful activity by your landlord including the court ordering that the landlord reinstate you in the property.

We will also liaise with the police on your behalf if your landlord has committed a criminal offence by using or threatening violence to gain access to your property. If the landlord has caused you loss or harm, you may even be entitled to claim compensation against him.

Our experienced housing lawyers can help protect you from unlawful eviction, abuse and harassment and if your landlord has broken the law, we may be able to assist you with a claim for compensation.

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