What is legal aid?

Legal aid is government assistance to meet legal costs for people who are unable to afford legal representation. Legal aid can help meet the costs of legal advice of bringing or defending a case and also sometimes representing you in court. You will usually need to show:

  • your case is eligible for legal aid
  • the problem is serious
  • you cannot afford to pay for legal costs

Are you facing a serious housing problem?

You could, for example, get legal aid if your property is in a serious state of poor repair which is causing a serious risk of harm to your health, makes the property unsafe, you are at risk of becoming homeless or being evicted from your home.

Please note that legal aid is no longer available for claiming compensation for stress and inconvenience as a result of your landlord's failure to carry out repairs.

In certain circumstances, we may also need to ask you to provide evidence about your problem, for example, a letter from your GP showing that the lack of repairs carried out by your landlord is seriously affecting your health.

You cannot afford to pay for legal costs

You will also usually need to show that you cannot afford to pay for this help and you will normally have to give details and evidence of your income, benefits, savings and property and those of your partner.

Please note that you may have to pay some money towards the legal costs of your case or pay costs back later.

Check if you can get legal aid to get help with your housing matter.

If you and your case meet the eligibility criteria, we will assist you to apply for legal aid.

The Legal 500 (2022) says our social housing experts "really do go above and beyond the call of duty." One commentator said: "you are treated with respect by the staff members, your case is taken seriously with the aim of reaching a suitable outcome. The communication level is very effective and you are kept up to date with every stage of your case."

If you would like to speak with a member of the team you can contact our social housing solicitors on 020 3826 7525 or complete our enquiry form.