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Our education law team at Russell-Cooke has a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding education and our solicitors stand as your allies in safeguarding the rights and interests of students, families, and educational institutions. 

From addressing complex issues related to special educational needs, admissions ánd exclusions, to ensuring fair treatment and access to quality education, our team brings a wealth of experience to every case. 

Backed by a commitment to upholding the standards of educational equity and excellence, we advocate for fair treatment and ensure legal compliance within educational settings. Whether you're a student or a parent seeking guidance or an educational institution navigating legal challenges, trust Russell-Cooke to be your partner in achieving educational success.

Education Law Solicitors

Education law

Our empathetic style of client care is informed by lived experience including of parenting children with SEN/D. We adopt a solution focused and where necessary...

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