Our team is here to help you look after your family’s interests and assets, offering clear, practical advice on everything from wills and pre-nuptial agreements to the family business and your property portfolio.

Having worked for many years with individuals, families, entrepreneurs and professionals based both in the UK and internationally, we understand the wide range of legal, financial and emotional issues that can arise. We also recognise that your family, your business and your wealth are all inextricably linked and that any advice you receive should take them all into account.

The unusually broad range of specialisms within Russell-Cooke means you can turn to a single team for the prompt guidance you and your family need. As well as helping you make the best-informed decisions and plan for the future, our team also has the experience to anticipate problems before they arise.

Day to day, you can opt for a single point of contact at our firm or deal directly with individual specialists, whichever suits you best. We are very happy to work alongside your family’s existing professional advisers and can also introduce you to trusted partners from our own network, including leading law firms in different jurisdictions.